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Weed Control in Landscaped Areas ( Non Grass Areas)


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Weed Control For Yard.

 Prices are valid for lawns up to 4000 sq ft. 
For larger lawns please add $7 per additional 1000 sq ft.


Weed Control

Weed Control Plan

We uses only the best professional weed-control products to combat crabgrass, Broadleaf weeds, dandelions, chickweed, etc. We Use Weed & Feed fertilizers during the growing season as well as Trimec Herbicides 

Caring for lawns requires skill, knowledge and experience, as well as reliable, regular attention. Weeds are plants that are out of place, crabgrass is the most common of these. There are two important factors in determining what method to use in managing weeds. The two basic kinds of weeds in most lawns are broadleaf and grasses. Dandelions and clover are broadleaf weeds, while crabgrass is a grassy type. We have specialized approaches for controlling the various types of weeds common to lawns. To help mow the grass longer cuts off the light and warmth needed for weeds.

Regular fertilization is the best way to produce a healthy thick grass that can fight off weeds. Working together, we can keep your lawn beautiful and healthy while keeping the weeds out, too. 

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