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To provide exceptional value and serve our clients with integrity. TLC is uniquely qualified to help you achieve a first-class image of your business with our Professional Landscape Maintenance Service. You can run your business, and we’ll take care of the landscape. Count on our well-trained, uniformed crews to be reliable, courteous and dependable.

Call us today to discuss your maintenance needs. Our landscape professionals will find out exactly what you are looking for, maybe make a few recommendations and then provide you with a proposal for your given budget. 
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1. Property Inspection:
The entire Property will be inspected with regard to grounds appearance and items needing work. Property inspections shall be done on a weekly basis during the growing season, and on a monthly basis during the remainder of the year. Items needing work that are not covered by this contract shall be brought to the attention of the Client/Owner.

2. Snow Removal Services:
Snow removal shall commence when needed. Thomas Law shall remove snow from all sidewalk areas and Plow the entire lot.Snow shall be placed in the best location to avoid damage to lawns or plantings, obstruction of the mail box pads, and runoff which may cause icy areas. Excess Snow Removal: In the case of extreme accumulations, such as those in excess of 9 inches, the snow may have to be removed from the property. Labor, material, and equipment rental costs shall be at the Client’s expense, and must be approved by the Client/Owner.

3. Mowing:
The lawn areas shall be mowed to an approximate height of 3 to 4 inches each week during the growing season depending on clients preference. Adjacent concrete and asphalt surfaces shall be left free of grass clippings. Grass clippings shall be removed by high pressure air/ Blowers. Any rocks or mulch dislodged during this process shall be replaced. Thomas Lawn Care personnel will use equipment best suited to the site, and will follow correct horticultural guidelines to keep the turf at a healthy state.

4. Native/ Natural Grass Areas:
Thomas Lawn Care shall be mowed 2 to 4 times a year at a height of approximately 4 inches.

5. Edging:
Vertical edging of the lawn areas shall be performed once every month during the growing season. Edging shall be done along all sidewalks and curb junctures with lawn areas. All adjacent concrete and asphalt surfaces shall be cleaned of debris.

6. String Trimming:
Thomas Lawn Care shall trim around tree and fence lines that are in or along common property, taking care to eliminate trimmer damage. The trimming shall be done biweekly during the growing season.

7. Aeration:
Lawn areas shall be aerated twice each year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall, as weather dictate.

8. Fertilization Applications:
All lawn areas shall be fertilized with a commercial fertilizer. The number of applications will be dependent on the type of nitrogen used and the type of lawn. The quantities and frequencies shall be adequate to produce a consistent, green lawn.Fertilizer shall provide nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sulfur and other minor trace elements as necessary to maintain healthy lawn.

9. Debris/ Trash Clean Up
All loose trash, animal feces, and other debris in the following areas shall be collected and properly disposed of off site.Along streets, curbs, sidewalks, drains and drain pans, and the street divider island on Descartes.
Trash removal shall be done on a weekly basis during the growing season, and on a monthly basis during the remainder of the year.During the growing season, trash removal work is to be done at the same time as the mowing and edging work defined below.

10. Spring & Fall Property Clean-Ups
Property Clean-ups take place in the fall and spring and includes removal of leaves, brush, and other unwanted materials. Getting all the unwanted debris off your Property.

11. New Platings
A verity of Plants, Flower, Shrubs, and Trees can be planted

12. Shrub/ Tree Trimming & Pruning
Regular Tree, Shrub, and Bush trimmings are essential for removing dead or undesired growth to maintain a tree’s beauty and health. In many cases timing is very important so that you don't effect the growth of the Tree, Shrub, or Bush. Dead stock shall be removed at the end of the growing season.

13. Weed Control:
Thomas Lawn Care shall weed the common areas, including: gardens, rock and shrub bed areas, sidewalks, and the street dividers. The weeding shall be done biweekly during the growing season, either by hand or by the application of suitable chemicals. Dead weeds which stand above the rock or other ground cover shall be removed.
Thomas Lawn Care shall use suitable chemicals biweekly to spot treat all weed growth along the junction between all pavement and concrete curbs.Lawn shall be inspected and proper chemicals applied to insure as weed free a lawn as possible.

Sprinkler System Services:
1. Activation
The system shall be activated in the Spring in accordance with industry standards, depending upon climatic conditions and lawn moisture requirements. The system shall be brought to a fully operational condition and that condition reported to the Client/Owner. Activation of the irrigation system after deactivation in the Fall, and reactivation in the Spring shall be Thomas Lawn Care's responsibility.
2. Programming:
The system shall be programmed to provide necessary moisture to trees, lawn, and planting areas to promote healthy growth and the aesthetic desired appearance.
3. Maintenance:
The systems will be maintained in a fully operational condition during the growing season. Thomas Lawn Care will inspect and monitor the system in its entirety to insure no disruption to heads or spray patterns caused by mowing or trimming operations. Clearing and cleaning of fouled heads and nozzles, pattern adjustments, and timing clock programming will be performed as necessary.

Major repairs, shovel dig-ups, and parts replacement as approved by Thomas Lawn Care shall be at Client/Owner expense for labor and material.All reports to Thomas Lawn Care regarding maintenance on the irrigation system will be responded to with 24 hours of the report. If the nature of the repair is such that a longer period is adequate before making the repair, Thomas Lawn Care will contact the Client/Owner with a status report.
4. Winterization:
Winterization of the systems will be accomplished as agreed upon by the Contractor and the Contracting Office. This will include water supply shut off at the meter pit(s), air pressurization of all lines, removal of all water from the mains to the backflow preventers, and removal of excess water from the meter pits. All water will be blown from the mains and all lateral zones and from the backflow devices. The entire system will be free of any water to prevent freezing and subsequent damage.
5. Moisture Checks:
Thomas Lawn Care shall check soil moisture weekly in the lawn and at the base of trees with a moisture probe during the growing season, to report any recommendations on the necessity of watering.