Buy Aeration Packages​​

Package A6
Aeration, Weed & Feed, and EZ Wet Soil Penetrant.

Package A7
Aeration, Revive, and Fertilization

​Package A8
Aeration, Revive, and EZ Wet Soil Penetrant.

​Package A9
Aeration, Revive, EZ Wet Soil Penetrant, and Fertilization

Package A10
Aeration and Weed & Feed, Revive
and EZ Wet Soil Penetrant 

Buy Aeration Packages

Package A


Package A1

Aeration and Fertilization

Package A2

Aeration and Weed & Feed

Package A3
Aeration and Revive

Package A4
Aeration and Ez Wet Soil Penetrant

​Package A5
Aeration, Weed & Feed, and Revive

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Why Aerate?

Lawn aeration service is great for all lawns and helps increase the health of your lawn.  Lawn aeration in Colorado should be completed at least two to three times a year to achieve the best results. We recommend early Spring lawn aeration for water retention to help thicken up the yard and make it healthier before the heat of Summer and a Fall-time aeartion to prepare the yard for the Winter months to withstand the cold. 

Things to do before your lawn aeration:

1. If you have a sprinkler system, please mark off any sprinkler heads that are in the center of the lawn. We typically stay way from about 6 inches of the perimeter, so you don't have to worry about those sprinkler heads on the edges, but please feel free to mark all if you wish. This is to avoid any damage to your sprinkler heads or our equipment. 
2. Water your lawn before your aeration. The soil should be moist but not wet, this allows for deeper plugs.
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Things to do after your lawn aeration in:
1. Apply fertilizer and treatments you wish  to use.(overseed, revive etc.)
2. Water your lawn as often the next few days.

Lawn Aeration Service

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