Prices are valid for lawns up to 5000 sq ft. For larger lawns please add $7 per item per additional 1000 sq ft.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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Landscape & Property Maintenance

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One of the Best Landscape Maintenance Companies in Colorado Springs. We've got a knack for Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Colorado Springs. Transforming properties for more than 15 years including Commercial & Residential Landscape Maintenance Services, Snow Removal Services, and Janitorial Services. Let Thomas Lawn Care in Colorado Springs turn your Property into a resort-like golf course that you can admire.

Lawn aeration service is great for all lawns and helps increase the health of your lawn.  Lawn aeration in Colorado should be completed at least two to three times a year to achieve the best results. We recommend early Spring lawn aeration for water retention to help thicken up the yard and make it healthier before the heat of Summer and a Fall-time aeartion to prepare the yard for the Winter months to withstand the cold. Lawn Aeration Cost...
Get Lawn Aeration Starting At $35 

The perfect time to fertilize and overseed your lawn is immediately after your aerate to ensure that the nutrients will get to the root system. We use 4 excellent commercial grade Colorado Fertilizers.
Get Fertilization Starting At $39 
Get Revive Starting At $39
Get Weed and Feed Starting At $45
Get Overseeding Starting At $60
Get Easy Wet Fertilizer Starting At $39

Lawn Care
Lawn care services include mowing the entire yard, trimming (weed eater) around all trees, posts, fencing, edges, patios and driveways. We offer both weekly and bi-weekly lawn care. However, we recommend our weekly service to improve your lawn. 
Weekly Mows Starting At $25
Bi-Weekly Mows  Starting At $35

Weed Control
We have a specialized approach for controlling the various types of weeds common to lawns and Landscapes across Colorado Springs.​ The two basic kinds of weeds in most lawns are broadleaf and grasses. Dandelions and clover are broadleaf weeds, while crabgrass is a grassy type. There are also perennial and annual weeds with very different life cycles.
Weed Control in Grass Areas Starting At $45
Weed Control Non Grass Areas Starting At $35

Snow Removal
​When a snow storm hits, don’t be worry about your driveway or sidewalks, you can count on us day or night for snow removal services for your home. Snow on the ground does not have to affect your daily life, let us help remove the snow on your property for an affordable price. Call us  for quick and reliable service.

Get Snow Removal Starting At $30

Need some landscaping done? From initial idea to completed project, we can handle it. After your consultation and with your input, we will develop a unique landscape design specifically for your property. 
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Yard Clean-Up
Yard Clean-ups take place in the fall and spring and includes removal of leaves, brush, and other unwanted materials. Getting all the unwanted dibris off your yard will help it stay Healthy and Plush. 

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Tree, Shrub, and Bush Care
​Regular Tree, Shrub, and Bush trimmings are essential for removing dead or undesired growth to maintain a tree’s beauty and health. In many cases timing is very important so that you don't effect the growth of the Tree, Shrub, or Bush.
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